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Sever 70.9401 июня 2016 15:48
Ala Pneuma 43.2803 июня 2016 02:08
Нравится, спокойствие льется)
Bluejay 70.8003 июня 2016 02:43
Ala Pneuma, Вертикальные лини не олицетворяют спокойствие в композии кадра, а вот горизонтальные да. Подробнее хотя бы здесь: https://photographyicon.com/line/

Vertical Lines
Vertical lines run up and down. They help stimulate feelings of dignity, height, grandeur and strength. You can find vertical lines in buildings, trees, fences, or even people standing up. Look at the following picture and think about your interpretation of the vertical lines in the following forest picture.

Horizontal Lines
Horizontal lines usually denote a repose, a calmness, tranquility and peacefulness. An example would be a person lying in the grass sleeping, flowers in a field, the flatness of a desert scene or lake. You can make your photograph elicit these feelings if you look for them in the picture area and use them in your photographs.

Diagonal Lines
This like gives the sensation of Force, Energy and Motion as seen in trees bent by the wind, a runner at the starting line or the slope of a mountain as it climbs into the sky. By knowing this you can create Force, Energy and Motion with your camera easily by tilting the camera to make objects appear to be in a diagonal line. A dignified church steeple when photographed at a slant will change to a forceful arrow pointing towards the sky and show motion.

Curved Lines
Curved lines are all about beauty and charm. The best example of this would be a beautiful female form with all its lines and curves. Of course there are other examples: The curve in a river or a pathway through a flower garden.

Implied Lines
Implied lines are not actual lines that you are used to seeing. They are instead implied in the picture area. They are made by the way objects are placed within the 4 walls of your photograph. Very often an actual object will create a line such as s tree, a railroad track or telephone wires.
Andrew Stolyarov 46.4206 июня 2016 12:14

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